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Over the past 20 years, dedicated Fund Advisory Committees have been vigilant stewards of the unrestricted endowment and we are so grateful to the individuals who had the foresight to initiate the forming of the KCFF. We applaud the founders and the many philanthropic individuals who have donated to the fund and entrusted the FAC to decide how the money is given, guided by our mission and vision statements. The fund allows flexibility for future opportunities and will continue to grow and benefit Keith County forever!

Mindful of the great responsibility entrusted to us, our FAC has been building on the visioning sessions composed of interested community members. The sessions were implemented through the cooperation of Keith County Area Development, NE Public Power District and KCFF. Our FAC is concentrating on Housing, Early Childhood Development and First Impressions, the three identified areas of most need. Thank you to all the dedicated citizens who have come forward to work on these areas and to the above organizations for working together to bring the sessions to fruition. It is very gratifying to see so many like-minded people coming together to make our community a better place to live.

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2022 KCFF Keith County Investments

Friends of the Kenfield Gallery - $5,793.96

Lemoyne Senior Center - $3,000

Front Street Cowboy Museum - $3,000

Trails West CASA - $2,700

Grant total for four organizations is $14,493.96


Guided by our vision and mission statement, we strive to
make significant, sustainable grants and will designate funds
for the following entities.

Youth Inspired Philanthropy, $10,000

Future Library Replacement Fund, $10,000

Big Give Matching Funds, $60,000

Housing (new housing study) $35,000

First Impressions through KCAD

    (Branding for Keith County) $50,000

Early Childhood Development 2021 $50,000

Early Childhood Development 2022 $300,000

Energizing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (E3) $17,000

Total designated for eight above mentioned
organizations is $532,000.

$546,000 in Investments

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