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Newsletter vol 2 2023
Keith County Senior Center
Touching Keith County Seniors

Newsletter vol 1 2023
KCFF Working to Impact Keith County
In Meaningful ways


Welcoming new friends during
the Urban Rural Tour

Improving curb appeal was identified by the

Keith County community as a

top priority to creating an inviting

and welcoming environment for

all residents and visitors.

Newsletter vol 2 2022
First Impressions

Newsletter vol 1 2021
KCFF Helps bridge the learning gap

Nebraska Community Foundation’s Bridging the Learning Gap effort invested a total of nearly $1.2 million in 51 Greater Nebraska schools last year. KCFF took advantage of the opportunity to award $20,000 in grants to Ogallala Public Schools and Paxton Consolidated Schools. The money went toward Chromebooks, mental health resources, Logitech Crayon Pencils, and improved internet access for all students. The impact was immediate. “Ogallala Public School District has greatly appreciated the support from this grant,” said Teacher Heather Orth. “Our kindergarten students have received a huge benefit from the ability to have touch screen computers available to them. When I walk into a room where students are using them, rapt engagement and interaction with learning concepts is happening almost effortlessly as students touch the screen and the computer responds. This integration of technology is helping to meet student needs intuitively right before our eyes.”

Young Nebraskans Welcome Home

KCFF Anonymous Gift 

Dream Big Keith County

At Home With Greater Nebraska

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