The Ogallala Regional Arts Council was pleased to put to use the grant awarded by the Keith County Foundation Fund.  We strive to provide educational programming to our area youth - we were fortunate to try a new and different form of entertainment for our local children.  THE STRING BEANS, a musical group specializing in children's entertainment, provided a Saturday morning full of singing, dancing, and music education free to any child wishing to attend.  In addition, we partnered with the Ogallala City Library program and musician Jeannie B.   We had a great turnout and excellent feedback from parents and kids alike.  We were also able to donate 24 tickets to underprivileged students and their families.  We hope to continue to provide these kinds of interactive programs to keep our community excited about the arts.  We are so grateful for the support of organizations like yours.  Our mission would note be possible without it.


Erin Barnhill, Co-grant writer

Ogallala Regional Arts Council


The iPads are extremely helpful for SCIP's advocates. When documents are downloaded, advocates can use them while offering services after hours without having to carry several different forms with them at all times.  The iPads provide confidentiality since the only ones who can access forms are the advocates. The iPads help SCIP save money and time.  The iPads help us ensure that we provide confidential, timely services to the members of our community and county 24 hours a day.   



Kathleen Bauer

Senior Center

The Keith County Senior Center is so grateful to the Keith County Community Foundation for the monies provided to purchase a new steam table. The old table lasted more than 35 years.

Approximately 100 meals are prepared in the kitchen of the Keith County Senior Center Monday through Friday year around. This number includes congregate meals served at the Center, home-delivered meal to homebound elderly in the Ogallala city limits and meals sent to the meal site and home deliveries in Brule.

The new steam table assures that the correct temperature of the meals at serving time is maintained. Staff monitors the temperatures of the meals at least three times each day. It is more than a convenience to have the steam table that we can rely on to keep the foods at the proper temperature.


Keith County Historical Society

With the funds provided from the Keith County Community Foundation, the board of the Keith County Historical Society has been able to continue to move forward in our attempt to get the House of Bottles property ready for restoration or razing and replacing a new Keith County Museum adjacent to the current museum offerings already on the same block of properties.

The buildings on the property are all old and repair and maintenance is an issue.  The roof of the mansion was leaking and needed to be repaired and now the power breaker box needs to be replaced.  Many other issues were addressed over the past year to enable us to keep the mansion, school house and Obrien-Lute house in good repair and open to the public: (see below)

  • School house painted

  • Threshold work, electrical work, and rekeying of the house and replacing cracked window panes

  • A large concrete gas storage bunker which was located underground at the rear of the new property has been removed. Fill dirt was brought in and the hole was filled.

  • Showcases of historical items located in the back room of the mansion were removed because the floor beneath them was sinking.  The floor had to be jacked up and stabilized for the showcases to be reinstalled. 

  • Additional historical lights hung in the Mansion to showcase family donations

  • Hosted State Historical Society meeting in April 2018.

  • Trees removed and replanted

  • Seasonal staff hired to run tours of the properties from Memorial Day to Labor Day – Open Tue-Sat 9-4pm and Sundays 11-4pm – Closed Mondays. 5 tour guides @ $9.00/hour and Curator at $10.00/hour. (Generous volunteers from RSVP welcomed daily)

  • New brochures and a new, highly functioning website for the Society and specifically Mansion on the Hill (donated in part by members)

  • Various fundraisers held to continue to support the operating budget of the Society – American Girl Doll Tea, Candlelight Dining at the Mansion, and Summer Garden tours as well as continuing to focus our efforts on Bus Tours and personal private tours to help foster the knowledge of the history of the area.

Past Grants Recipients

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Keystone-Lemoyne Volunteer Fire Dept
Wild West Soap Box Derby
Wild West Soap Box Derby
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Keith County Senior Center
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Keystone-Lemoyne Dive/ Rescue Team
Lemoyne Senior Center
Lemoyne Senior Center
Paxton Public Library
Paxton Public Library
Keith County Senior Center
Keith County Senior Center

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